Home Can Crusher

February 26th, 2009

home-can-crusherThe Home Can Crusher will save you some serious space in your recycling bin.

It can make recycling simple and fun. With the Home Can Crusher, crushed cans will take up a lot less space in your trash.

This Can Smasher is particularly useful after parties and gatherings. It is ideal for households where beer and soft drinks are consumed by the dozen.

Not only will it crush drink cans, but the Home Can Crusher is ideal for aluminum vegetable cans as well Taking up to 3 inches in diameter and up to 4 3/4 inches in height.

The Home Can Crusher also comes with a set of screws for simple convenient wall mounting.

It is constructed of heavy gauge steel and has a comfortable soft grip handle.

The Crusher Can Crusher

February 26th, 2009

the crusher can crusher image‘The Crusher’ Can Crusher is a heavy guage steel contructed aluminium can crusher.

It instantly crushes cans to about 1″.  Simply hold the safety grip neoprene handle and pull it down. It’s easy to use and easy to clean. You can even mount ‘The Crusher’ Can Crusher on a wall or a pole in your back yard, and sit and enjoy the fresh air while you do the recycling.

Built to last with it’s sturdy all steel construction, and durable baked enamel finish, we have had reports of people using the same can crusher for over 20 years.

With ‘The Crusher’ Can Crusher, you will save at least 5 times the space where you store or transport cans. This equals less trips to the recylcling centre, and each trip will be worth more money.