Aluminum Can Crusher

aluminum-can-crusher1This is the aluminum can crusher you have been holding off for.

It accommodates ten aluminium cans! You load it up with cans, squash ten of them in a row, and then recharge. The cans drop out the underside. I employ a five gallon pail to catch them.

It is constructed of hi-tech reinforced nylon. Never requires painting! Mounts with three screws. Simple assembly as well. Works way greater than metallic can crushers in moist or outdoor surrounds. How come? Because it can’t corrode!

Most of the time your visitors will squash your cans for you as this thing makes the can squashing chore entertaining! Recyclers rejoice as they can accelerate their work. This also makes a groovy present for acquaintances or relations. Particularly great for BBQs and other beverage type get-togethers.

I have had mine for approximately five yrs now. It works swell!

Please note that I learned that UK cans might not fit as they are too enormous. As far as I am aware American soft drink and beer cans will fit. A 16 oz. can will fit, but only one at a time. It will also crush the 12 oz. Coors cans which we all know are a little bigger than other cans. You can pack them right in the aluminum can crusher and it mashes them perfectly.

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